A 10 year accountability campaign


We kept it simple, honest and bold. As a community we want to reach more people. We want to be real with you and take you through our journey.

On a mission to target 1 million+  active budgeters by 2030 to be accountable to their money goals.

The campaign started on 7 July and will continue over the next 521 weeks  to take us to July 2030.

Host monthly community accountability sessions to encourage open discussions on how far active budgeters are towards their money goals. This will total 119 sessions by July 2030

Engaging with Millennials and Gen Z’s globally about two FIN’s. FINancial education and FINTech to increase confidence of money management.

Promote  useful resources  to support the community. This is open to a global community, no matter the currency and country we all need to better manage our money.

Money management is being revolutionised and we  collaborate with organisations to highlight available options to save, budget and invest.

As a community platform we will promote the importance of planning ahead and building generational wealth.

Last but not least there will be a reflection statement released every year to state how far we are towards reaching 1 million budgeters by 2030.