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State Your Vision and Purpose
We encourage you to think about where you see yourself long term and the lifestyle that you want to have.


Raise Awareness of Budgeting Long Term
We share 8 active steps you can take to budgeting long term, so that you do not limit yourself to one year of planning.


Accountability  and Generational Wealth
Become more accountable and better understand your assets and net worth over time.

8 Active Steps With Three Phases 

Our budget trackers promote long term budgeting with  everything in one place to plan more than 10+ years 😎

Three phases within 10 years simply means staying accountable every 3 – 4 years within each decade.

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Current  Focus  2020 – 2023| 2024 – 2027 | 2028 – 2030


1. Life Vision Goals – State your long term vision. 

2. Essential Spends – Add essentials that support your current lifestyle.

3. Banking and Credit – Track any banking and credit decisions made.

4. Future Spends – Prepare for the future and the unknown.

5. Money Goals – Prioritise 5 high level money goals

6. Giving Give back no matter how big or small.

7. Investments  Build your net-worth.

8. Treat Yourself Focus is on self care and personal development.

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