Instagram Branding




Expressing yourself on Instagram is a great way for you to build your brand. Instagram is the most powerful platform for social engagement and allows one to appeal to the audience through attractive visuals and unique storytelling.Consider the below to build your platform.

Create an Instagram strategy
It is important to  formulate a strategy, this will help you and your team to understand where your brand is going.

Set your goals
You can easily waste time if you do not have a clear goal and this can lead to no returns.  Your digital strategy should  match your brand so that it interlinks with your mission statement. Using Instagram can help to drive traffic to your site and to help build marketing campaigns to raise awareness of your brand’s activities.

Start to think about your target audience
Be aware of your audience and understand what their social interactions are like online. Be aware of your competitors who have the same goals to understand how they are engaging with your potential clients.You need to know what your competitors are up to on Instagram. Whilst you are researching, think about the posts that have a high engagement rate to inspire you to create encouraging posts. When you review this information, you will have a better idea of what works.

Your content
Test to see what content your followers can engage in to help drive the conversations online. Plan and create a content calendar. Think about the tone of your brand and be unique. Think about timings as that may also make a difference to the interaction rates. Whatever works keep doing it.Your brand should have a visual  personality. Be proactive with staying on top of trends that relate to your industry.

Photography matters
Think about the quality of pictures that you are using for your audience. People relate to images as it stems up a feeling or memory. Be strategic with the images you use to ensure that people can easily relate to it. This will eventually result in high engagement.

Use data for progress
Use the data from Instagram to improve your interactions.

Be consistent 
You need to build trust and loyalty. Also, have a consistent theme that you are using. Limited posting can confuse your followers, so do think about how often you want to post. Colour palettes can help to ensure that your brand is easy to identify with.

Instagram Stories
Stories are a good way to interact with your audience as it makes it more personable.

The power of hashtags
Take advantage of using hashtags to raise your profile. Instagram users are able to search  for  hashtags. Use words that are associated with your industry, this will make it simple for users to identify with your brand. This also exposes you to a global audience.

Collaborate with others
Collaborating with others can help build your following over a long period of time.  Think about  working with those who have a similar vision and that are  making an impact in your chosen industry. This will allow the users to trust you as they would see your brand being associated with other impactful brands online.

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