First Generation students




Regardless of your background you can reach great heights if you put your mind to it!

Some of you may have parents that are first generation in the country you are currently based in. You may be the first person to go to university in your family or the first to earn a certain amount of money. Paying respect to the life skills shared by your parents is important. Parents have instilled values that will pave a way to your success.

Use your parents words of wisdom

Some parents or guardians may have instilled in you the power of self belief, in which you can do anything if you put your mind to it. This will help with your work ethic to perform well during your studies.

As a first-generation student,you may be faced with conversations that you have no experience of, but be true to yourself and own your story. Embrace your journey and know that you are sharing a different perspective to life e.g. some students parents may have paid for their degree whilst some have received financial support. You will be surprised about how much one can learn if you share your thoughts and views.

Another experience you may have, is your parents not understanding how much exposure you have to a range of opportunities. Simply, break it down to your parents how impactful your place at university will be. 

You are not attending University and College by accident. Your hard work has paid off and you are meant to be there. It is not by chance, but because of your talent and potential.

 Your background as a first-generation student will help you persist and reach your ultimate goal. It will also help for you to build a strong foundation and appreciate all things around you.

Surround yourself with positive people and find mentors on campus who can provide insight into completing your full degree. Join societies to network with others.