Financial Literacy at University




Going to University is a time for you to flourish, learn about yourself and develop new skills.

With many people attending University from across the globe  and nationally you can start to become more intentional in building your knowledge towards your career or business goals.

We live in a competitive and global world. It is important to not be naive to the situation and understand that you will have to be aware of the importance of securing a graduate job, having an emergency fund and overcoming the housing crisis.

You can benefit from learning about the basics of finance at University by attending student clubs that talk about money management or using the student services on campus to speak about finance. Regardless of what degree you are studying towards, money matters.

There is a huge debate that states that Universities should be more proactive with hosting financial literacy classes. Topics that should be made known to students is terminologies used in banks and raising awareness of investment options that can be used during University.

Young adults need to learn life skills especially with the economy changing and need to make wise decisions.

You can consider the below options on campus:

  • Check to see if there is a Student Wellbeing and Mental Health Team on campus
  • See if there is any financial aid that you are eligible for
  • Use resources on campus that offer you guidance on  external sources of funding such as grants and charities, and how to apply for them
  • Helpline to overcome debt management
  • Take advantage of part time jobs on campus to build your finances



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