Do Not Compare Yourself With Others




Comparison is a thief of joy! You are most likely to think negatively if you compare yourself with others. This can get you down and impact your mental health.

Concentrate on where you are going and practice gratitude on a frequent basis. Remember someone in this world does not have what you have.

Know your story and own it!

The interesting thing about life is that you do not know about the amount of work that an individual has had to go through to get to where they are.  Everyone has their own story.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. What are your triggers?

Think about what makes you feel down and when do you tend to compare yourself?  Is it when you walk past a certain neighbourhood, when engage with a certain person.Once you have identified it, tell yourself that the situation or person will not have control of your thoughts. Simply plan how you can get the things you want, so that you are less likely to compare yourself.

2. Wish people well

Be positive and believe that you will attract the best by complimenting people and celebrating other people’s successes.

This will also remove any vulnerability and allow you to control your emotions

 3. Be inspired

You can still be inspired by someone. It could be that you are attracted to someone traits, generosity  or skill set. For example in your career you may be inspired by a Partner or Director, and seek out more information abut their experience and compare it yours. This can help to identify areas that you actually need to build on. It could be that you are impressed by someone’s  business branding that is similar to yours. There is nothing wrong with reading or asking about someone’s story.

“One who never asks either knows everything or nothing.” – Malcolm Forbes



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