4 Ways to Survive Fresher’s Week




Set up your accommodation 

With the excitement of Fresher’s week it is really easy to have all your boxes in your room. Unpack! This will save you lots of time and will help for you to manage what you have. Don’t worry you will have the chance to set up a few days before Fresher’s week so arrive early. This will also help you to shop for things that you do not have . Following these steps will help you start off your first week well. You really do not want to spend minutes looking for something during your first week.

Enjoy yourself at the Freshers’ fair

This is your time to find out more about your campus. Fresher’s fair tend to have a range of clubs for you to join plus freebies. Collecting freebies also helps you build a stock of items that you do not have. For examples pens, highlights and shoppers bags etc. You also get discounted offers to save at local restaurants on campus . Membership also tends to be heavily discounted during a certain period. Take advantage of this!

Step outside your comfort zone

New location and new people! This is your time to meet new people and learn more about yourself. The people you meet during your first months on campus and Fresher’s week could be your long term friends. Also, start to take more control in your decision making and adjust to your new adult life.

Manage money and have fun

It is very easy to have fun and splash during the first week! Be prepared as Fresher’s week will test your money management skills. Think ahead and put money into a social activity bank account. You can do this by opening a savings account. Doing this can help you to spend money freely knowing that you have no restrictions.



Image credit – Unsplash.com