Business Tech Terms You Should Know About




Here are some terms you should know about when it comes to Business and Technology.

Server is owned by Internet service providers (ISPs) that  offer technical support remotely.

Data centres are owned by ISPs or large companies to store data.

Back end is not what you see at the front of a webpage. The back end is behind the site which tends to be a web server, database or applications that help to bring the site to life. 

Virtual private network (VPN). A VPN provides you with security that allows users to connect to a private network. People tend to use this when they are in an area that is using an open network.

Domain name service (DNS). A domain name is a set of numbers that relate to an IP address when entered into a web browser. 

Cloud hosting. This can be set up for data-storage purposes.

Customer relationship management (CRM) software. A software that allows you to store customer data after a business transaction. This also helps with future interactions.

Minimum viable product (MVP). This is a simple product that is launched  with the hope of improving through different phases. The changes are usually  based on real time feedback. Lessons are usually learnt during this stage which helps to enhance the product features.

Email marketing. With email marketing you can manage distribution lists, campaigns and analytics to help with customer interactions.

Content. Building content that matches search engine algorithm specifications, that reaches out to the masses.

Engagement. When your customers get involved in a conversation based on your brand’s recent social media post.  

Impressions. A way to track how much people have instantly viewed an online activity.

Marketing Automation Tools.  Tools used to help promote your brand through different social media platforms. It can be planned in advance to ensure that content is well thought through and relevant to the audience.






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