6 Benefits of Having a Career Journal




What is a career journal?

This a record of your work experiences where you track your challenges and accomplishments. This will help with your professional development and it is very easy to get started!

1. Record your ideas

This a good way to write down your thoughts as they come. You may have an idea that can help with your personal development. It could also be that someone says something that triggers an idea, that can help you stay focused on your day to day activities. Whatever it is, write it down.

2. Record your lessons
There is power in writing  down what you have experienced in the work place.Whether it is positive or a negative experience or recording constructive feedback that you many have received. You will be able to create an action plan that can bring you to success.

3.Tips shared from Mentors
When a Mentor, Manager, or fellow colleague  gives you feedback reflect on it and write it down This will help to inspire and motivate you to be the best version of yourself. This will also help you to share feedback to others who are early in the careers, so that they can also grow.

4. Prepare for challenging situations 
At work you may have a difficult client, or may have received a condensing email or interacted with people who do not appreciate what you have to offer?

Take a walk, breathe and get back to your self and write down how you want to manage such situations so that you remain in control of emotions. One thing you do not want to happen is to let your emotions influence your decisions.

5. Record positive feedback 
This allows you to remember your work that has positively impacted others especially if you have a bad or quiet day at work. You will be surprised how beneficial this is, as it will release positive energy and get you back to that happy place.

6. Use pictures
You can use pictures that are in line with your main vision to look at on your desk. For example in your diary page 2 could be your visual page and you can always revert back to, when you need inspiration. This will serve as a gentle reminder. Subconsciously, your brain will start to associate with those images and feelings.

You will get there and think about writing a letter to your future self.

Your future self will thank you!