Tips for Career Promotion




It is time to build your career and take control especially if you do not want to wait!

Start to create a self-promotion plan to reach your ultimate goal.

Making people aware of how you wish to progress in a company is important you have to be vocal about how much impact your work has had on the business.

Do not put yourself in a position that you miss out on an opportunity.

Be smart and strategic about what you are good at, whilst being genuine. Be transparent. Your employer will not know what you want unless you speak up.

It is important to respect that some people may be happy at their level without experiencing progression. Just do not limit your vision for others because you want to be true to yourself.

Put yourself in an ideal position that allows you to be in control. Take yourself outside your comfort zone and enjoy the process! It may be that you find yourself being promoted unexpectedly. Just stay focused and your efforts will not be in vein!

If promotion has not started think about volunteering your time to showcase your expertise within a different team or project. This will help to build your reputation.

The power of tracking your successes and noting down positive feedback will help to remind you about the quality of the work you offer.

The more you know about yourself, the easier it will be to communicate with others to showcase your value.

Everyday at work think about how much impact you are having on your work. Reflect on a post-it note or diary what difference you are making to your team’s work.

Find a Mentor or Sponsor to check in on your progress so that you can have someone to provide you with honest feedback. This will also help to show you how to best navigate around the firm.

You are responsible for your career and progression,  so keep growing and do not give up!