The Power of a Vision Board




Creating a vision board is all about attracting what you want from life.

What Is A Vision Board?
Using a  Vision board helps you to invest the time and energy to visualise your future and to remind you of your life goals.Take the simple  steps by thinking about your desires and start to add messages to personalise the main reasons behind your desires.

You may decide to put a picture of a gym and healthy food and add positive quotes about the mind, body and soul to keep you engaged.

There is power in being specific with the details you add so that you face the facts. This will also help you to stay no to things that do support your vision.

Our brain is powerful as it supports our thoughts and vision. Every thought you have your brain processes it. Be smart and take control and train your brain to feed into the positive energy you send out.The signals in the brain will then action and bring it to life. You just have to believe that you can succeed in this life.

Be consistent
The art of being consistent will help you in the long term. Think of it like this the more you work on something, the better you get at it. Having a vision board right in front of you helps to bring everything to life. It allows your mind, body and spirit to be at one with the ultimate goal.

Make A Vision Board
Use the resources around you to build a board and place it somewhere that you can see everyday! You can also add different sections on your board that showcases your values, identifies your career goals, your plan for your family life and love life. Your health and wellness fitness plan and how you wish to spend your free time including a new skill you want to gain.

What next?

Dedicate at least 10 minutes everyday or once a week  to look at your board and reflect on why you have a goal and the messages behind each image. Think about the feelings you get when you look at it and be thankful for how far you have come.