Money Tips from Mum and Dad




Things to keep in mind before you head off to university (or whilst you are at university).

Learn how to cook healthy, tasty and quick meals
Learn how to make basic dishes.You may have a favourite dish that you would love learn how to make. You can ask for recipes.

How to budget
Learn how to budget well you will be paying house rent, paying for bills and doing food shopping.Self – control is important.

Having a chat about overdrafts and unwanted debt with your parents.
Hear about your parents experience of how they have managed money.

How to store food
Learn about how to keep food fresh, and your fridge hygienic especially if you are living with other house mates.

Tenancy agreements
Renting may be new to you so learn about your rights and let your parents share some wisdom on dealing with Landlords.For example take pictures when you arrive at your house or room to ensure that you avoid any unwanted charges.

How to ride a bike
Dependant on your campus you can ride to different lecture halls faster. Plus this can be another form of staying fit.

How to do laundry
Learn how to use the washing machine to avoid spending lots of money at your local dry cleaner.

Home grown tips
Learn about how to deal with basic household problems e.g. how to unclog a sink or how to remove floor stains.

How to sew
Learn about the basic’s of mending and sewing to quickly deal with clothing issues.

Take care of you
Mental Health is important so take care of you so that you can manage your time and money effectively. Also, to not spend based on your emotions.