Money Saving Tricks




Use some of these tricks to help you manage your money

1. Buy or rent used textbooks especially from the last semester

2. Avoid buying things based on emotions

3. Spend your money wisely on drinks and buy during happy hour on social nights

4. Pay bills on time to avoid late charges.

5. Pay off your credit card quickly

6. Walk instead of drive (will help to build your fitness)

7. Spilt your rent charges by living with others

8. Get a good phone contract

9. Meal prep to avoid you overspending on campus

10. Use your student discount cards

11. Use your campus gym (it may be cheaper than gyms in town)

12. Sell things on Amazaon or Ebay that you no longer use

13. Do not overspend on school supplies

14. Make use of the library

15. Take advantage of what your campus discount and offerings

16. Drink water it is good for your health and plus it is free

17. Coffee lover? Get a coffee machine at home and put it in a portable mug

18. Host social activities in your student house