How to Price Your Products and Build a Loyal Customer Base




One of the secrets to business success is pricing your products properly.Pricing your products well will help to build a good foundation for your company.

You should also consider the following when pricing your product:  your target customer, competitors costs and the quality of your product.

Your products should help you generate money to cover any hard labour costs, build a profit and to help expand your business . At the same time, you want to make sure that you are not under pricing and over pricing your products (this can affect your sales).

Consumers want to feel that they are getting return on their money. 

Understand Your Other Business Priorities
The more you know about your customer, the better you will be at providing them with products or services that they value.

Know Your Customer
Market research is important and will help you better understand what is in great need.

Once you know how much value your product is bringing to the market, your actual product costs will factor in labour, manufacturing and marketing costs.

Be clear about your business revenue target and allocate certain products into the market to help you achieve that.

Still make sure that you keep track of external factors that will impact the demand for your product in the future.

5 key takeaways for you to action

1. Establish your E-commerce strategy

Decide on your product list and create an online strategy. Remember to keep it simple.

2. Think about user experience across all devices
Ensure you offer the same service on mobile, laptop and tablets.

3. Choose the right online website 

There are so many different website providers that offer templates, so select a site that reflects your brand’s style and is easy to use.

4. Customer service is important
Provide your customers with the best customer service. Put the needs of the customer first in everything your business does. This can help you to build loyal clients.

5. Create a memorable delivery experience
Your delivery strategy covers everything from the price you charge and the services you offer all the way to how you deliver your products online or in the post.

6. Encourage repeat purchases

Get customers excited to come back to your site! Build content or showcase a new launch of one of your products that will get people talking!

7. Trust 
Your customers and clients should have trust in your product enough for them to recommend you to their networks.