Create your ideal week




Plan your ideal week.

You do not have to think about what you do every second and minute but you do need, to just think about how you feel when you have had a productive week.

What is that you woke up at 6 and exercised and finished work at 5pm? What is it that you spent more than an hour bonding with your loved one after work or that you spent time meditating every morning for 30 minutes?

Take these 5 steps to get your week looking the best it can!

1. Identify what is important and your biggest priorities  

Time does not wait for any man so make the right choice to spend your time wisely.

Start to write things that matter to you and think about how you want to prioritise it.

2. Anything at the top focus on it

You have roughly 168 hours per week, and it’s up to you to decide how you’ll spend those hours.You can start to structure your week and set certain hours per priority.

Here is a simple way to look at it:

Exercise – You can dedicate 1 hour
Learning to cook a new dish – 30 minutes  a week

You can see that it can be a simple process. No matter how many minutes and hours you dedicate to a specific interest or commitment  you always want to feel right doing it. If not, you may have to reconsider how much time you allocate to that area that does not spark joy.

3. Your non – negotiables

Are you willing to negotiate the time you allocated to your priority area to another?  What happens if you can no longer spend the allocated time, does that mean another area will be affected and cut short?

One thing you want to avoid is feeling stressed, overwhelmed and tired. Instead of thinking too deep about what you can not do, take advantage of the resources around you. You can hire a virtual assistant, get a cleaner and work from home. You must be honest with yourself, as the world is full of many people who can support in different ways especially online.

4. Theme for each week 

Each day can have a theme to help you stay focused, this will help you be productive.

5. Be open to adjust

Life happens so it is important to be flexible and dedicate some time every so often to reflect on what is working for you.

Remember enjoy the process and you will start to learn more about yourself and work to become the best version of yourself.