8 ways to build your personal brand




1.Network and attend events

Attend events or conferences that allow you to meet people in your industry. Be yourself and think about the people you want to meet at that event! With social media you can also mention the people you have met. The good thing about this, is tat people will start to remember you as your conversations online will be purposeful. Never let nerves stop you from speaking to a key influencer in your industry. Remember people love to talk about themselves, so make sure you allow this to happen so that you can take down notes that will be helpful to your personal growth.

2. Professional photos can help

Be consistent with how you showcase your brand to others. Photos will help people to identify with you. Just think about the user experience, if someone wants to search for you, what picture would you like for them to see?

3. Keep learning The world is always changing so stay up to date with what is happening in your industry. The more effort you put into learning, the more that will help to build your brand. You will be able to add value.

4.Create a personal website 

A simple website that allows you to share content across your personal social media profiles will help to draw attraction. Think about your .com and co.uk domain name and the world is your oyster.

5.Newsletter and LinkedIn

Writing high quality content can help for you to grow your LinkedIn audience or subscription base, which you can then push to other social platforms, blogs and websites.

6. Twitter engagement

There tends to be different events that have a specific hashtag, which people follow and engage with for discussion. Be proactive with answering questions and providing value to the conversation.People will start to see your contributions.

7. Support your local community

You will be surprised how much things go on in your local community especially via the radio, TV, interviews in local print and speaking engagements. Be a member of the community that contributes, you will be surprised how that opens doors for you!

8. Podcasts

Podcasts can be listened to at any point of time and is a great way to showcase your thoughts on a particular topic. People love to hear from others. Take advantage of impacting others via an audible route.