28 Ways to Make Money Online




1. Publish an ebook or audiobook.
Just about anyone can self-publish an ebook these days.

2. Create a ecommerce store.
Ecommerce stores are opening everyday as people are purchasing things online. Have something to offer? Open a store

3. Launch an online course.
Design and develop an online course for just about anything. You can even start a membership website

4. Babysit or house sit.
You can babysit or house sit to make some money. Simply use your networks and see if anyone would be willing to give you some work.

5. Create logos 
Are you creative? Start a service that allows people to purchase a tailor made logo for their business.

6. Rent out your home 
People are travelling everyday and may need a place to stay. You can get money on a frequent basis especially if you are located near a hotspot.

7. Create an Amazon FBA store
You can launch an Amazon FBA store. All you need to do is provide your products to Amazon and they deal with the rest.

8. Do virtual assistant work
Are you organised and enjoy multitasking? Consider becoming a virtual assistant and help other people achieve their personal or business goals.

9. Social media management
Help businesses grow through social media management

10. Build an SEO agency
Search engine optimisation is a complex and highly volatile field and teach others to dominate search results

11. Sell items on eBay
Have used goods that you are not using anymore? Sell them as people are willing to pay for things that  they do not have.

12. Drive for Uber or other car booking services
Simply drive and get paid.

13. Handmade items on Etsy 
Skilled at creating things sell them online.

14. Sell used textbooks 
Have books laying around sell them!

15. Sell your photos
Like to take photos upload and sell them online.

16. Personal trainer
Obtain the right qualification to train others and build a loyal client base to take care of people’s fitness and raise awareness of the nutritions that can help them reach their goals.

17. Tutor students
You can do this in person or virtually and teach others to develop their skillset in an area that you are an expert in.

18. Start a cleaning business
Helps others have a clean space and get paid for it!

19. Use a sale funnel strategy
Sales funnels are great tools for selling information products. Offer high value content and build loyalty to get customers coming back.

20. Create webinars
Sell online tickets for people to hear from you or view an event.

21. Start a blog in a profitable niche
You can build income online. Put the effort in and be strategic.

22. Affiliate marketing
Earn money whilst promoting other sites. This does mean you have to be transparent about it to your readers.

23. Become a business coach or a consultant
Simply sell your services online

24. Become a mystery shopper
Many companies are hiring mystery shoppers. Get paid for viewing their stores.

25. Create YouTube videos
Youtube can help draw attraction to your expertise

26. Trade online
Train and become a online trader

27. Flip houses
If you have the capital, you can buy, upgrade and re-sell a home

28. Open account that have incentives
Cash and gift incentives for opening bank accounts. Be sure to check on your accounts and be strategic with the numbers of open accounts you have (so that it does not affect your financial status).