How to really love your job

As we draw near the end of the year , it is important to reflect on your current job. Do you love it?

The more you love your job the more productive you can be, it is said that if you do not enjoy your job you can be 10% less productive.

There could be a range of reasons you may not love your job , it may be due repetitive tasks or unmanageable workloads. It is time to step up so that you are waking up everyday happy.

Some signs that you are not happy with your role is that you can’t wait to leave the office or get the work done. Resulting in you not feeling fulfilled. Money could be the main thing keeping you in that work place, which can be understandable if your financial situation is out of control.

The question now is how far can you go unhappy? Think about the below to keep yourself in check. Reflecting on the below will help to keep you sane, so that you can get to the place where you can confidently say that you are in love with your job.

Industry type

If you are in a company that does not work in line with your values and does not appreciate your voice and skill set then think about moving. It could be that the team you are working with is not supportive. Whatever it is you should feel respected in your field of work. So always keep your eyes open so you do not miss out on any opportunities around you. Have open conversations with your Manager about your long term goals and be transparent about what you want to get from your role. 

Know your working style

Have you thought about your working style and the way you prioritise things so that your work is always of a high standard?

Manage your time well so that during your breaks and spare time (before or after work) you can build a new skill set to keep you attractive in the marketplace.

Do not burn yourself out

Your mind and your body is very important so make sure you always prioritise yourself first and be realistic.

Build your network 

Being around people who are progressing in your industry is very important as you can always learn from someone. It could be that you are able to teach, inspire someone with your experience which will heighten your confidence in your field.

Constructive Feedback

Get honest feedback from people around you, what are their thoughts on your performance. Do you find that there is a pattern in type of feedback you are getting that you are not aware of. Self -awareness is important, that way you can hold yourself accountable for your development. Each year you should be progressing in your field.

Love your job by finding what you love to do, this will help with your financial journey so that you are saving whilst doing something you are good at!

Questions to ask yourself

What is working well for me at the moment?

What am I enjoying most?

When do I feel the most in the zone at work?

What am I most excited about?

What does everyone say I am good at?


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