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Hello Florence , thank you for taking your time out to share your experience with others . Before we start it would be great to hear more about your personal background

I have a BSc (Hons) in Cosmetic Science from The London College of Fashion. I have worked in the cosmetics industry for the last six years, mostly in retail and whilst in education. Initially, I set out to become a pharmacist but kind of fell into the cosmetic industry and it has been an awesome experience.

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2. What encouraged you to start off MDM FLOW?

I wanted to create something that catered to girls like me; something creative, colourful and expensive. In my industry everyone is hyper obsessed with classic glamour, which totally doesn’t appeal to me at all. Growing up I was obsessed with hip hop videos, the general aesthetic, decadence and confidence in the genre. To sum it up I found my niche and I felt ready.

3. For young people who are interested in business but are still studying, how will they know it is the right time to start off a business?

I think the moment of realisation is different for everyone. I started my business during my final year because it just felt like the natural thing to do. Everyone around me was applying for graduate positions and I really didn’t want to work for anybody else so developing my business was the natural step to take. My advice would be, to pursue all your passions with every spare moment you get and it will either develop or fizzle out.

4. MDM Flow is a new luxury brand. What is your best tip for women of colour who are looking for the right lipstick for work and business?

This is the worst question to ask me! My honest opinion is wear whatever you want, whatever colour makes you feel confident and beautiful and helps you express yourself. I’ve never really worked in a corporate environment so I’m not really accustomed to having any limitations. But obviously if you do work in a traditional working environment, crazy colours may not be ideal. That is why I included the reds and nudes in my line, the modern downtown girl can turn up or tone down.


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5. What advice would you give to someone who is in secondary school and passionate about creating beauty products?

Take your sciences seriously, many people view cosmetics as purely a creative industry but you’d be surprised about the amount of chemistry involved. Do research on the various job positions available in the industry and develop the necessary skills. Buy cosmetic related books on amazon and start making soaps in your kitchen. Really immerse yourself in the industry, get work experience. Heck I’m looking for interns, call me!

6. Congratulations on your lipstick expansion. How did you feel when you see your products in store?

Thank you. It is the best feeling in the world, I once had a girl drive two hours with her sister to meet me when I brought out a new colour collection at The Public Image, Antwerp. I spend so much time formulating on my own and being by myself there is so much background work, so it’s the best feeling when they finally get in store and to see girls wearing my lipsticks out and about.


7. I am a lipstick freak, who loves to talk, but also a woman of colour. What lipstick would you recommend in your collection for people who are in the TV and Blogging industry when it comes to interviewing people?

My lipsticks are formulated to suit all skin tones, so really you could use any of my colours and look great. In front of the camera I say go for nude (Bossy, Sweet Escape) as you don’t have to worry about getting lipstick on your teeth. Or bright red (Self Made) if you’re feel super confident, just remember to lick your teeth multiple times to avoid any mishaps!

8. Does your lipstick have to match your outfit ?

No way, it should match your mood more than anything!


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