Connecting with Chairwoman of Access Bank Nigeria

The dinner was hosted by MBTN (Move Back to Nigeria) at the OXO Tower in Central London. With only 10 young professional attending the event, it was a very intimate evening. Mrs Belo-Olusoga shared some words of wisdom.

The main focal point of the dinner was about young professionals standing for change. For young people in the UK, who want to contribute to Nigeria’s success can and should be ready to take calculated risk.By doing this, Mrs Belo-Olusoga  advised for the attendees to always remember to be competent and confident in everything you do. For example this may mean specialising in a certain area/skill set and taking additional courses to become an expert.

Doing this can work in your favour as people within your organisation can identify you and recommend you for senior positions abroad or within the country. By having a strong reputation in your field can help you secure a job anywhere. Contributing to Nigeria’s economy does not necessarily mean moving back physically, but it can be done in a number of ways. For example, MBTN has been able to get like-minded individuals to discuss topics that shape Nigeria and has built a community of passionate Nigerians and people interested in Africa together.


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